911 Text Messaging Launched In Collier County

911Technology is rapidly changing and transforming our world and Florida’s Collier County is surely keeping up with the latest trends and innovations. On Monday, Sheriff Kevin Rambosk made an announcement, which disclosed that the Sheriff’s Office of Collier County is the very first agency or outfit in all of Florida to implement the text-to-911 feature from cellular phones.

This new development will surely improve the relationship between members of the general public and the security agencies. Over time, this will lead to a much more productive between the two parties. But what is the new feature all about? The Text-to-911 was one of the two innovative Collier County Sheriff’s Office (CCSO) programs that are all centered round various forms of technology.

These programs are aimed at ensuring public safety as launched by Sheriff Rambosk. The CCSO is unique in the sense that it is the pioneering public safety agency in Florida to have the text-to-911 enhancement. The Federal Communications Commission has validated this.

Upon taking a closer look at the programs, one sees that they are not just pioneering and revolutionary but that they actually have very functional purposes for the benefit of the entire populace. It is also a very good illustration of how new technologies can be put to use in such a way that the various sectors of the society can all be linked and synced together with seamless harmony, all in a bid to achieve a common goal.

And when a path as this one is followed, it can only get better for the society as a whole. For the subscribers of Verizon in Collier County, they will have the advantage of being the first to have the ability to make use of the text-message to 911. As for the customers of the other networks, they will only be able to do so when their carriers are able to support the service.

The Sheriff also shed light on the agency’s new Community Video Watch Partnership (CVWP). This program allows the residents and owners of businesses in the neighborhood who possess exterior video security cameras to have them registered with the CCSO’s website. In a situation whereby a crime was recorded in the neighborhood, a deputy may get across to them and request that they review their video to ascertain whether anything of significance and pertaining to the crime in question was recorded.

The good thing with this arrangement is that as technologies are improved upon by the day, the costs of the video surveillance systems have also reduced, which translates to the fact that more and more people are now able to afford these security systems. This also creates more opportunities for the residents and the law enforcement agents to have more grounds for collaborative exercises leading to an improved overall security profile for the entire community. In the words of Sheriff Rambosk, this is another way the community can collaborate with the law enforcement agents in order to keep Collier County safe. He said ‘I believe the safest communities are those in which law enforcement and the residents work together.’