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About David Jacobson

David is a commercial and corporate lawyer.

On 1 February 2014 David established Bright Law a law firm specialising in the financial services sector.

David helps businesses with policy development and complex projects.

David provides independent general counsel services to businesses who need access to sound corporate advice without having to pay a full-time lawyer's salary.

He works actively with clients as a team member drawing on his experience on boards and as legal adviser to clients in a range of industries (financial service providers, statutory bodies, manufacturers, family businesses and not-for-profits) to help businesses make good decisions and be more effective by aligning their people, technology, processes and culture.

David helps clients who are frustrated with regulation and need to cut through the red tape.

He works on projects using his signature strengths:

  • love of learning;

  • honesty, authenticity and genuineness;

  • creativity, ingenuity and originality;

  • fairness, equity and justice;

  • judgment, critical thinking and open-mindedness.

David likes to share his knowledge (of both content and processes) and help clients. He shows people how to do things, not just tell them what to do. David believes that people learn more effectively when they have hands-on experiences.

David is an independent director of Queensland Hearing Aids and Audiological Services Pty Ltd.

Contact David

David wants to help you or your organization in any way that he can. Contact him at

PO Box 1282
Australia 4068

Ph 07 3878 5098
Mob 0421 611540
Fax 07 31020355
email:david at


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